Monday, January 12, 2009

The Kindergarten Table

I came home from work today and was talking to Ellie about her day. She never says much at that time, but stuff comes out later, at random times. She's lying in bed and begins to tell me that a boy named Miles, who sits on her table, has a crush on her. I ask her how she knows and she says, "because he's mean to me". Of course, that's my fault because I have explained to her in the past that when boys are mean to you, they usually have a crush on you. Well she continues to tell me that she told him today "I know you have a crush on me". He said, "no I don't" and she says, "yes you do, because your kind of mean and that means you like me". So funny! Then she tells me that Morgan (a mean little girl, who also sits at her table) and Miles were saying they don't like themselves and so Ellie began lecturing them both about how liking ourselves is what Heavenly Father wants us to do and they need to. I've decided that the best place in life to be is sitting at a Kindergarten table, having deep discussions about love and life. If I could only be a fly for a day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


New Nightgowns made by Grandma Ni.

Ellie modeling her new vest

Christmas Eve Nativity program (Ellie's the grumpy shepherd)

Clinger Christmas Eve Party

Crazy faces with Grandpa Mike

We had a wonderful Christmas. We got everything we wanted and more. But the highlight was going to SLC the day after Christmas to stay overnight. My mom and Doug got 9 rooms at the Embassy Suites and all of us went up, saws 2 movies, swam, ate and played Blokus until all hours of the night. It was great. The best part about the holidays for me are being with family and giving to those in need. I know it sounds cheezy and generic but it's true.