Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is so great!

Zoe's Dance Video - She's the tall blonde one!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zoe's Big Week

Zoe's had a big week with her dance rehearsal and recital and her preschool graduation. She has been in heaven of course and loving that everyone has come to watch and support her. She is so pretty and I'm reminded of a conversation she and I had about a month ago. She has a real crush on Ike, her friend from next door and I was asking her how things were going with him and this is what she says: "I asked him today if he's going to marry me or not and he said, "I don't know what your going to look like when you get older" and she says, "I'm going to be so beautiful".

I think she is right!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mullett!

Matt just went to "get a hair cut" and this is what he came home with. I could throw up and he thinks it's so funny! It's not!

Poor People's Hot Tub

This is how poor people have a hot tub. We fill up our little pool with warm water from the laundry room sink. The kids think it's just as good as the real thing. The weather's been in the 70's and we've been in heaven. This is how we're spending our days!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Zoe in her new "cowgirl sunhat"

Displaying all her new gifts!

In her new dance outfit!

In her new Birthday dress, made especially by Grandma Ni!

Zoe just turned 5 years old. I can't believe it. She is so much fun and I love her so much! She's my little shadow and my little buddy during the days when Ellie's at school. She has definitely taught me things about myself as a person and as a mother (most of which I don't like), but she teaches me to be more loving and patient each day and she is the best little helper. She's always quick to help me if I'm cleaning or cooking. She wants to be helpful and I think that's such a great quality!!! She's a good friend and is very smart. She's starting reading and is doing great!


1) Her smile!

2) Her laugh!

3) The way she loves me and wants to be with me or "snuggling me" always!

4) Her love for babies and how great and helpful she is with them!

5) Her self-confidence. I hope this stays with her FOREVER!!

and I'm adding one more... Her strong personality that I know will either get her into lots of trouble later in life or get her very far. Hopefully the latter!


It's only been about 2 years since I've blogged so I'm struggling. Slowly but surely I'll get back in the game. I do want to write the funny or great things that are said or that happen in the Briem home, here's a couple of the most recent......

1) The night before Zoe's Birthday I'm talking to the girls about the day she was born and how scary and great it was and Ellie reminds me that once Zoe got home, Ellie kept wanting to send her back and send her to live with Spongebob. I say to Ellie, "aren't we so glad she didn't go to live with Spongebob and Ellie replies with, "yeah those episodes would be filled with so much crying, I would never watch it". WOW!

2) Zoe has a great 5th Birthday (pics attached, hopefully) and she and I wake up and make her cake, get pedicures, go to lunch etc. I turn the T.V. on today and some show is on and Zoe says, "I am over this show Mom, you know I am 5 now".

3) The other night we were at my mom's saying goodbye to Alex and Ellie and Zoe come walking in and Ellie says, "That may have been the most embarrassing moment of my life" and we ask what happened. They had been out back swinging with one of the neighbor boys who Ellie has a crush on. She goes on to tell us that when the boy came over, Ellie started telling Zoe to say good things about her in front of the boy so he will like her and tells Zoe to say, "Ellie your such a good girl, you did your dusting today"??? Zoe wouldn't do it and refused to say anything about Ellie so Ellie says to the boy, "Okay, I'm just going to say it, I think your cute, not like girls are cute but like HOT!" and the boy replies with "That's okay, all the girls in my class think I'm cute, I am the hottest boy in my class".

ALEX- This is for you!

Since my dear sister decided to leave us for the summer and move to New Jersey to star on Jerseyshore, I've been encouraged to update my blog for her. This is for you Al.