Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Okay, I had to make a post out of my step-brother Nick's comment re: my previous post. HILARIOUS!!!!! Thanks Nick! Matt even laughed (quite hard) when he read it:

why can't i picture matt being sad and wanting to talk about his feelings? i mean maybe I'm way off on this one but when he and I are having our heart to hearts, and he's got a little misty eye and lip quiver going on and he tenderly touches my shoulder as if to say "don't worry, everything is going to be ok"....................... see you couldn't picture it either huh! MAD LOVE MATT!!!! Let's go kill some racoons and skin 'em and make some hats!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ellie is my little thinker. Hilarious things come out of this. This was our conversation today......

Ellie: Hey mom, aren't you a social worker?
Me: Yeah.
Me: What?
When dad is sad and needs to talk about his feelings, you can help him and when your sick Dad can help you cause he's a nurse!!!!!!

So funny and quite insightful on my little genius' part. No I'm not a biased mother?


I am addicted to and loving loving loving the Olympics. I record all of them and watch every night for hours and hours. I've jumped on the Michael Phelps bandwagon and when the U.S. Team won the 400 meter relay I fought back tears. Not to mention that Aaron Peirsol, may be the key reason I'm watching the men's swimming (take me away and lose me forever)! Loving the gymnastics and can't wait for the triathalons and track. Sarah Haskins (pictured) is my idol. She's 27 years old and is ranked 2nd best female in America! I want to be her someday!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

ZOE - Our Little Potty Mouth

Okay, so I have to write this. Zoe's at the age where she's constantly saying "Watch Me". Well, I don't know how or why but her "Watch" sounds exactly like the "F" word. So painful. She's jumping on the bed, saying "Mom, watch, Dad Watch" over and over and over. I couldn't figure out for the longest time what she was saying, but Ellie "Zoe's interpreter" says simply, like duh, she's saying "Watch me". It's hard not to laugh and it makes her so mad because she just wants you to watch her. At the pool yesterday with Amy, she kept telling Amy to "watch her" and Amy could not stop laughing. Sweet thing, we're working on it!!!! (Do you love the full diaper picture - her booty was so huge - hilarious)

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today has been what every summer day should be. I got up early, mowed the lawn (don't love that part), got the slide up and Julie, Amy's kids, Marsh, Kelsey and Alex all came over. We hung out, the kids played, ate Parker's for lunch and did nails. Ellie and Jane rode their bikes a ton and in the evening Julie and I sat on her porch and watched the kids play for hours. Ike and Zoe dug in the dirt and actually didn't beat each other, which is noteworthy. We ate popcicles and enjoyed every minute of it. (I even got my house cleaned, somewhere in between in all). Today is what every summer day should be like!!!!


Ellie and her best friend Jane, learned to ride their bikes the same day. It was so great and has been the best thing ever. First thing in the morning, I hear her get out of bed, put her clothes on and come and ask if she can ride her bike. I took a bunch of pictures and set my camera on the bumper of the truck and later drove away. Needless to say, the stinkin camera is gone, so thanks to Julie for taking these of Ellie. She had her first crash today, but I was so proud when she wanted to get right back on! I told her how when Marsh and I were little, we'd put milk cartons with a small hole in the bottom on our bikes and fill them with water. Someone would be the gas person and we'd ride around until we ran out and then come back for a fill up. We'd do this all day long. Of course, her and Jane immediately wanted it done, so with water bottles I concocted a similar set up. They loved it!