Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wow, I may be back!

Here's just a few random, more recent photo's. I lost my camera months ago so these are stolen from Amy's blog (thanks Amy for always having your camera and always taking pictures)

Okay, I had truly sworn off blogging. I don't know why other than it started to feel like one more thing I needed to get done and I was feeling overwhelmed, I guess. Anyhow, I truly just want record of my girls, our family and the wonderful moments I never want to forget. A few of those things.....

1) My 3 year old, Zoe,wants lipstick on every minute of the day. She is OBSESSED with it! If you have on a great color of lipstick you are immediately her very best friend. Clear lip-gloss or chapstick don't even come close to covering it. The brighter the better. I drop her off at pre-school last week and her teacher asks me, "Every time Zoe comes to school, she asks me for some lipstick, is it okay if I get her some so I can put it on her each day". Let me remind you, this is my 3 year old we're talking about.

2) Ellie comes in my room tonight and asks, "Does Heavenly Father answer questions?" I reply, "yes" and she says, "good because I just prayed and asked him to tell me how he got made. I told him he can take his time answering me, like tomorrow morning is fine." She is so perplexed about this question and thinks and asks about it often.

3) Ellie won the storytelling contest in her class last week and went on to do it in front of the school, Monday. It was so great. She did such a good job.

4) Last night I spent an hour being John Grogan (aka Owen Wilson) of the movie Marley and Me, while Zoe is Jenny (aka Jennifer Aniston), with a baby up her shirt and Ellie, yes my 6 year old, is Marley - the annoying dog who licks our faces and jumps on us. Zoe loves being the mom and talking to and taking care of her baby and Ellie loves being an animal. They are as different as night and day!

5) I walk in to the bathroom 2 nights ago and Ellie is scrubbing her mouth with soap. I ask what she's doing and she tells me she's washing her mouth out with soap. I ask why and she says, "because I can't get a bad word out of my head" WOW! Self induced punishment at the age of 6.

6) Zoe on the other hand, walks into the house and sees the Christmas tree and says, "Holy S@*t, that's a cute tree!"