Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ellie Gets Baptized!

Before the Baptism
Matt's sweet polyester one piece suit!

Ellie was so excited for her baptism and one of the best parts was having her aunt Alex fly home from New Jersey to be there (which was all a surprise). Ellie was so happy for this special day and has said, "I wish dad would have held me under the water longer, it was such a spiritual feeling". I told her people would have thought he was trying to drown her, not baptize her. When she walked out of the font and I was helping her get changed, she was just crying. I thought she was freezing and asked her if she was cold and she said, "no I'm not sure why I'm crying, I think I feel the spirit." She and I cried the whole time I was getting her changed and then Matt met us at the bathroom door and started to cry. It was such a neat experience and a neat day. We were so happy to have so many friends and family there to support her. She is such a wonderful girl! She bore her testimony the day after and thanked her Heavenly Father for the gift she'd been given and said she knows it will help her with her "trials in life". She's an old soul!


Alexis Hansen said...

Cute pictures!! Thank you for the update!