Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So in preparation for our little guy - who will be here shortly, we decided to redo the bedroom in our basement for Ellie to move down to. She has been so excited and we painted it pink and it's darling. Her first night down, Zoe was planning on sleeping with her but that only lasted a minute until Zoe was back upstairs and Ellie had to brave her first night in the basement alone. She teared up and was nervous but went down to sleep. When I came back up from tucking her in, I lost it and started to cry, realizing that she's old and I will no longer here her great comments made from her bedroom after she's been tucked in. I'm seriously been grieving that my oldest is growing up and can sleep downstairs by herself now. The 2nd night, I put a phone in her room and called her from my cell, and the two of us talked for 50 minutes (she's right underneath me). It was such a precious hour as she shared her thoughts about life with me. She began talking about a relative who's an alcoholic and how next time she sees him she's going to talk to him about how alcohol isn't good for him and if he'd go to church and read his scriptures he's be much happier. Then she's going to invite him to church and before he comes she's going to talk to our Bishop and let him know that this certain family member, "who has a problem with alcohol" is coming and ask the Bishop if he'll say a few words about why alcohol isn't good for us. I also got parenting advice regarding Zoe and was told that I threaten and don't follow through and If I would follow through more, Zoe would behave much better. Since that night we've spoken on the phone every night and I treasure that part of my day!


Kelsey said...

I can't believe how grown up she is! I just love her and all of her great comments. She's the best!